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Discover KJ Orellana’s expertly crafted landscapes for commercial spaces, prioritizing sustainability. Transform your environment with our tailored designs. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of services.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Elevate your lawn with KJ Orellana’s expert care and maintenance services. From meticulous trimming to nourishing treatments, ensure your outdoor space thrives. 


Transform your outdoor space with KJ Orellana’s professional landscaping services. From design to implementation, we create tailored landscapes that reflect your vision. 

Tree Trimming

Keep your landscape pristine with KJ Orellana’s precision tree trimming services. Enhance safety, aesthetics, and tree health. Contact us for expert trimming tailored to your needs.

Tree Planting

Elevate your landscape with KJ Orellana’s expert tree planting services. Enhance greenery, shade, and environmental impact with our tailored solutions.

Seeding and Mulching

Revitalize your landscape with KJ Orellana’s seeding and mulching services. Ensure lush growth and soil health with our expert techniques.


Transform your outdoor living space with KJ Orellana’s patio design and installation services. Create an inviting area for relaxation and entertainment.

Gutter Installation

Protect your property from water damage with KJ Orellana’s professional gutter installation services. Ensure efficient water drainage and safeguard your home.

Deck Repair

KJ Orellana Landscaping is your trusted partner for professional Deck Repair services, ensuring the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space.

Gutter Cleanup

Maintain the integrity of your property with KJ Orellana’s thorough gutter cleanup services. Prevent water damage and ensure optimal drainage.

Yard Cleanup

Restore your outdoor space to its pristine state with KJ Orellana’s comprehensive yard cleanup services. Enhance curb appeal and functionality.

Gutter Drainage

Optimize your property’s water management with KJ Orellana’s expert gutter drainage solutions. Prevent flooding and water damage effectively.

Dump Runs

Efficiently clear away debris and clutter with KJ Orellana’s dump run services. Streamline your cleanup process and reclaim your space.

Snow Removal

Ensure safe passage and maintain accessibility with KJ Orellana’s professional snow removal services. Keep your property clear and functional during winter weather. 

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